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21 April 2013

Notification for all coaches and mentors of underage teams and for parents/guardians of the children and young people who participate in club games and activities.
It is the responsibility of the club to ensure that all the children and young people who participate in the games and activities of the club do so in a safe and enjoyable environment where there is a spirit of fair play and everyone is working to emphasise respect, equality, safety and non-discrimination.
To help the club, the GAA has published ‘Our Games – Our Code, the joint code of best practice in youth sport and the ‘Code of Behaviour when working with underage players’. These codes bring together the minimum appropriate levels of behaviour, practice and conduct required from our young people, coaches, mentors, supporters, parents/guardians, and the club.
The club is required to appoint a children’s officer to help with the implementation and promotion of these codes and guidelines for good practice in the club.
I have been appointed the children’s officer for this year and I think it is important that we are all generally familiar with some of the main aspects of the codes to help inform what is expected of us when working with the underage teams in the club.
Now that the new season is kicking off and the underage games are getting into full swing I would like to invite you to attend a brief information session at the club on Sunday 28th April at 2.00 pm. This session will give us a chance to highlight the main aspects of the codes and discuss any queries people may have.
We have a very active underage element to our club which is supported by a strong commitment from many coaches, mentors, volunteers and parents. Great work is going on all the time in the club, this meeting will help put this work in the context of the codes of best practice and will help us ensure we are all supported by a robust safeguarding structure for our children and young people.
This is an important area for the club so please try to attend – we will endeavour to keep it as short as relevant as possible.
Colum Conway
Children’s Officer
April 2013.