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Martin Donnelly's Mombasa, Kenya Charity Appeal

09 June 2014

A little bit about my time in the Slums of Mombasa, What has been done to date, and future projects.
During my stay in Mombasa Kenya I had probably one of the best Christmas experiences of my life. Giving to the needy, people less fortunate than ourselves.

On Christmas eve 2013 we were standing on a make shift alter in a church (tent), giving out food to approximately 65 orphans and 32 widows. The food that I purchased from a local cash and carry was 1KG bags of wheat, flour, plain biscuits and lemonade. This is the most basic of food in our eyes, yet it was like a Christmas dinner to those poor unfortunate people.

1kg of wheat would provide a family of 4, three meals (approx. cost 75pence, the price of a packet of crisps or a bar of chocolate). We gave the orphans little toys that we gathered up from McDonalds. The widows were given clothes for their children which were donated by friends and family before we left Ireland. Knitted Teddy bears were donated by Tullylish ladies group. These bears went down a treat with the children, Likewise the McDonalds toys.
It was truely an eye opening experience, We were giving so little yet to them it was so much. These children were so happy and always smiling. On one occasion we were handing out quality street sweets to the children and each child came up an took one sweet each, there were so many of them that we run out of sweets and it was looking like 4 or 5 children were not going to get a sweet.

Some of the them noticed this and to my disbelief they bit off half of their sweet and handed the other half to their siblings. That was the true meaning of sharing.
Since I arrived home in Jan 2014, I have been telling people about my experience in Mombasa, and I was fortunate enough to meet a man that was so saddened and touched with what he had seen on photos and video footage of my time there, that he donated £2000 to me for the people from Miritini on the outskirts of Mombasa. This money has been forwarded on to them, and to date a manual bore hole has been drilled and a second bore hole which will be pumped is in progress.
The benefit for these bore holes is that the people from these areas will have fresh water on a daily basis. Meaning they no longer have to walk long distances for water (up to 4 miles), Also lessening the risk of many diseases. Myself and the people of Mombasa are truly grateful to this kind hearted gentleman.
I have also sent  some money to pay a tailor to make school uniforms for 12 children, put 2 teenage children through education and provide them with boarding school, books and 3 meals a day. These are life changing experiences for these young children. These are the things we take for granted. These people are so grateful and cannot thank us enough for what they have been provided with.
My next aim is to raise money to provide some of the disabled children with wheelchairs, walking aids, and education. By providing them with education, hopefully one day they will be able to help their families and bring them out of poverty.
I am hoping to travel to Mombasa in October 2014 but due to the civil unrest there, I  might have to postpone to another date.
Any money raised will go direct to the charity
Any travelling I do to Mombasa will be at my own expense.
27TH JUNE 2014
There will be other events to follow.
I would be very grateful if you could attend this function, or if not able to attend maybe a small donation or donate a prize for the raffle. Every little helps no matter how small it is. 
Every little helps and many small donations will lead to one BIG donation. Look forward to seeing you and thanks in advance for your support.
Thanks Martin Donnelly
Contact No. 07775920387