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“Come Dine with Me” Fund Raising Event

15 November 2016


“Come Dine with Me”

Fund Raising Event
Your club is launching the “Come Dine with Me” event to support funding for our children’s participation in GAA activities (Hurling, Football and Camogie) for the coming year 2017.

The event can start any time after 13/11/2016 and finishes Sunday 01/12/2017.

The idea is that a couple or an individual from your own chosen group host the others to either a ‘wine and dine’ evening or a “social drinks evening” in their home. Groups can be made up of whatever number you decide, possibly groups of 6 to 8 persons, however no group can be too large or too small, just whatever is suitable. The guests pay £25 per person for the ‘wine and dine evening” and £15 per person for the “social drinks evening”.Each couple/individual hosts the group at a suitable time over the coming year until each group has been ‘wined and dined or attended the social drinks evening” by all group members.
The host member collects the funds raised for their hosting evenings. Cheques should be made payable to “Aghaderg GAC” and forwarded to our newly elected club Treasurer, Mairead McGrath. The host may wish to nominate via the club to which activity (Hurling, Football or Camogie) they would like to donate the funds to or just simply into the club.
The success of the event will depend on communicating and ensuring as many people as possible are aware of the event. In order to keep promoting this fund raising event participants are encouraged to have photos and brief comments posted on the club’s website and Facebook. 

No group is expected to register or formally give notice to the club of their participation.
Please consider forming or joining a group; have fun and many great evenings of craic with friends…. our kids and club will greatly benefit.

Thank you,
Donal Moran