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06 November 2018

The Executive Committee of Aghaderg GAC Ballyvarley HC hereby gives notice of the Club’s Annual General Meeting
Sunday 2nd December 2018 in the Club Hall at 2pm

The AGM is an opportunity for our Club to set the foundations for the coming year. It allows club members to express their views and ideas on all aspects of the running of the club and the playing of our games. We would really like all of our adult members (including senior players, coaches and parents) to attend and help drive our club forward, building on what we have at the moment.

We invite nominations for positions below for election to the Club Committee for next year and motions for consideration at the AGM. All nominations and motions should be sent in writing to the club secretary ( by the 18th November 2018. Please use the form located under files on the left hand side of the members Facebook page.
Note - Exception: The Children’s Officer & Officer for Irish Language and Culture shall be appointed roles and cannot be nominated by members.

The Current Executive Committee:
Chairperson – Deirdre McGrath
Vice-Chairperson – Des Mulholland (Not standing - Vacant)
Treasurer – Mairead McGrath
Secretary – Anne McGrath
Registrar – Kevin O’Neill
Officer for Irish Language and Culture – Eimear Devlin (Not standing - Vacant)
Public Relations Officer – Gerard O’Neill
Children’s Officer – Helen Morgan
Players’ Representative – Ryan Strain

Additional Committee Roles:

County Board Representative – Francie McGrath
Camogie County Board Representative – Dolores Canniford
Fixtures Secretary – Pola Cairns (Not standing - Vacant)
Healthy Club Officer (Vacant)
Development Officer – Cieran Donald
Coaching Officer – Mark O’Kane
Health & Safety Officer – Donal Moran (Not standing - Vacant)
Caretaker – Desmond Winters

At least 5 other Full Members - Seamus Lennon, Michael Sands, Brian McGrath, James Hughes, Terence Lennon, Martin Malone, Seamus McGrath, Brendan Donald, Andrew McGrath, Martin Donnelly, Eamon Devlin, John McQuaid, Peter McConville

The Purpose of the AGM
1. Review Activities of the previous year
2. Discuss Motions
3. Elect Officers

If no nominations are received for any of the above positions, no nominations will be taken from the floor and vacant positions will be filled by the new committee at the earliest possible opportunity following the AGM.
Only Full Members, whose membership fees are paid up to date on 31st March 2018 and who are not suspended or disqualified are eligible to vote at a General Meeting, including the Club AGM. Any fully paid member, paid up between 31st March and the date of this official notification may attend the AGM, but will not have voting rights.
Any fully paid up member can request a copy of the secretary’s report, the financial statements, details of nominations received and any motions proposed. Requests must be made to the secretary no later than Thursday 25th November 2018.

Le Meas,
Anne McGrath
An Runai