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04 October 2019

This is the Association's policy document in relation to the minimum levels of good practice we require of those participating in or assisting with our games and other activities for children and young people.
It is worth noting that the Code is a joint Code agreed with the GAA, LGFA, Rounders, Handball and Camogie Associations and it supersedes any other Codes that may have previously been devised at Club or County level.
In the event of a dispute relating to adherence to the Code we must be in a position to confirm that reasonable grounds were undertaken so as to ensure that our membership have been made aware as to the existence of the Code and its contents.

Therefore a link to the code as been provided below.

Anyone who will be involved with coaching mentoring or managing children should make themselves aware of the contents of this document to ensure best practice is adhered to.

You can also download the 

1) Code of behaviour underage,
2) Maintaining Appropriate Levels of Behaviour and
3) Dealing with Alleged Breeches of the Code from our 'Media' 'Downloads' section on the website.