Match Report

Aghaderg v Kilcoo

Date Filed: 18 May 2017

Aghaderg Senior Camogie team welcomed Kilcoo to Ballyvarley this Wednesday evening for their first home game. 
With a 7:15pm start, Kilcoo quickly gained possession in a taste of what was to be the tone of the match. The first free for Kilcoo went wide but they were not to be denied long as a point soon followed that saw them first on the scoreboard. Despite the hard efforts of Paula Priestly and Katie Lennon in the defensive line and Andrea Fletcher in goals, Kilcoo gained a few more points before a free taken by Sinead Brackenbury saw Aghaderg take their first point. Another free for Aghaderg went just wide of its mark. 
Aghaderg continued to battle in front of the Kilcoo goals but were unable to restrain their quick opponents, who were simply able to eat the distance of the pitch faster than the home team. Kilcoo widened their lead with a number of goals and points before the whistle was blown, and the first half of the match came to an end. 

Half Time: Aghaderg 0-1, Kilcoo 5-8

The second half began the same as the first with Kilcoo gaining possession and soon had obtained the first point of the second half.  
As the half progressed Kilcoo did miss a number of chances, with good defending and goalkeeping forcing their hand on a number of occasions. Aghaderg began to create more opportunities but were denied until a strong run with the ball from Sarah Malone gave Aghaderg their second point, and within a few minutes the match was over.

It was a hard fought for Aghaderg Senior Camogie but unfortunately they were beaten by a more dominant Kilcoo.

Final Score: Aghaderg 0-2, Kilcoo 7-17 

Team: Andrea Fletcher, Katie Lennon, Paula Priestly, Eimear Conway, Laura Fletcher, Graine Moran, Sinead Brackenbury, Lucy McAvoy, Aine McNulty, Sarah Malone, Claire Convery, Deneen White, Caoimhe Morgan. Three members of the senior team were absent.