Match Report

League Leaders Prove Too Strong.

Date Filed: 29 June 2017

Aghaderg suffer a heavy defeat by league leaders.

League leaders Ardglass were the visitors on Friday night last. They are presently undefeated and had beaten the reds heavily in the first round match. The pitch was in excellent condition and a fresh breeze blew straight up the pitch towards the Banbridge end. Aghaderg had the advantage of the breeze in the first half. They immediately won possession from the throw in through Johnny Lennon who launched the first attack of the evening. In the first quarter Aghaderg were winning their share of possession and asking lots of question of the Ardglass defence. C McAvoy finished off a typical short passing move after good work by Lennon and McShane and R McShane scored the second point after good work by C McAvoy and R O'Neill. Ardglass were finding it difficult to penetrate the packed home defence with P McGrath acting as sweeper but eventually got on the scoreboard after ten minutes with a point and almost immediately scored their first goal of the evening to go into the lead which they never relinquished. C McAvoy scored an excellent point from approx 30 metres.  The visitors were beginning to dominate possession as their half backs and midfield were finding it easy to penetrate the first line of defence. They scored five more points in the second quarter while the reds were only able to score two more. One from R O'Neill after good work by the McAvoy brothers and a free by C McAvoy after a foul on P McGrath. After a hard fought first half the score was Aghaderg 0-5 Ardglass 1 -6.

The second half was to be a complete anticlimax as Ardglass upped the tempo of their game. The reds retreated further into defence, the visitors dominated possession and any ball that the defence won they had few options up front as the gap between defence and the forwards grew. The big Ardglass full forward repeated the hat trick that he had completed in the first league match. A number of the defenders lost their personal battles and the packed defence system did not work as the visitors dominated possession in the middle third and had lots of time to pick their passes and set up their main attackers. Aghaderg's only scores of the second half were from three frees by C McAvoy while Ardglass racked up 3-9. 

Final score Aghaderg 0-8, Ardglass 4-15.

Team: Paul Colgan Kieran McShane(Conor McGivern) Thomas Lennon Ciaran Connolly Graeme Donaghy(Michael Lennon)  Ryan Strain Ciaran Davis Johnny Lennon Louis Murray Aaron McAvoy  Gerard Rice(Conor McGivern) R McShane(0-1)(Steve McCann) C McAvoy(0-6) R O'Neill(0-1)(James McGrath)  P McGrath Subs Michael Lennon Conor McGivern James McGrath Steve McCann